Nashville Trip Part Duex

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!

I hope the first few days of this new year have been filled with wonderful moments.

2018 was an incredible year for me. It was my intention, last NYE, to fully dive in to what makes me uncomfortable. And after setting that intention, I realized that I was in for a wild adventure. I brushed up against all of my insecurities and doubts and trudged forward anyhow. But what I found in committing to this, is that when decisions are made, it seems like the whole world conspires in favor. 

I raised over 25k from friends, family and strangers to help create my EP that will be released sometime this year. Because of this, I was able to work at a top-notch studio, Goosehead Palace in Nashville, with a stellar production team and world-class musicians. I still am whirling from the experience. 

My EP is almost finished. The final touches are being put on the music, and we will be sending it out to be mastered soon. There are still quite a few more steps, but I will definitely keep you posted on all of the major events and shows coming up. 

I can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement. I can’t wait to share more music with you this year. 

For those of you that follow my indiegogo- thank you- and if you still are interested and have not yet pre-ordered the record, you still can! I could always use the support in the final steps of getting these songs out there!

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Just a little update on my most recent trip to Nashville, if you’d like to continue reading <3………………………………….

This last trip to Dan Knobler’s studio, Goosehead Palace, helped to give this EP all that we could. The first day, Russell Durham, my friend, co-producer and string- arranger, arranged gorgeous strings for a quartet to play on my songs. The quartet was Russell on first violin, Kristen Weber on second violin, Betsey Lamb on voila and Austin Hoke on cello. 

The next day, Ethan Jodziewics added deep resonant upright Arco bass to the tracks. As I was hearing all of the layers come together, I was so deeply moved by the imagery that these musicians created in my songs. 

On the third day, Ruth Moody, of The Wailin’ Jenny’s, sang back up vocals for my songs. I can’t tell you what a dream having her sing on this record was for me. She’s one of the most lovely singers I can think of, and I have admired her work for years. It was all so surreal, having an influence of mine sing back up for me! 

Just a little side story here- when I was 17, I saw the Wailin’ Jennys play at the Sandpoint, Idaho festival. They opened up for Nickel Creek. I had never heard anything so beautiful in my life. This was the first time I was introduced to this genre of music. I was in love with their record for years after, modeling my vocal tone after theirs. Their Celtic inspired music really hit me in a deep place of knowing. I felt something click inside of me, even though I had no experience writing or playing my own music at the time, I felt like that’s the direction I need to go in. My compass was facing my truest north. My dad bought a mandolin after that concert because of Chris Thile’s genius skills, and gifted it to me. That concert completely shaped my passion for what I do now. I told this all to Ruth, and she received this so gracefully.

On the final day, Phil Sterk played pedal steel and wrapped up the over-dub sessions. Someone once said to me that Pedal Steel sounds like the music of the angels, and I couldn’t agree more. 

I am thrilled with how these songs are developing. They are each so unique and they tell a story from my life. It feels so exhilarating and daunting to be releasing these songs this year. Even though this will be done on a much larger scale than I have ever tackled before, I trust that the path is already paved, and I am just moving along, one step at a time. 

Much love to all of you. 

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Gooshead Palace in Nashville TN

We have finished the basic tracking for my upcoming EP!

What a dream this has been. The process of working with some of the finest musicians, engineers and production team I could have ever asked for has been such an epic journey.

There was such profound momentum leading up to the week I spent in Nashville, that when I arrived, I felt an effortless ease of surrender wash over me. I was amazed at the efficiency and genius that was occurring with these incredible humans I had called into this project.

Here is a breakdown of the production team and band that have already contributed to the project. In December, there will be a string quartet added, some pedal steel and some vocal harmonies by one of my greatest musical influences (I will announce that soon!).

Production Team:

Producers: Dan Knobler *studio owner* and Russell Durham

Engineers: Jacob Blumberg and Dan Knobler


Drums: Jason Burger

Acoustic Guitar: Jordan Tice

Electric Guitar: Kris Donegan

Bass: Sam Howard

Keys: Danny Mitchell

Octave Mandolin/ Violin and Viola: Russell Durham

And many other add ins by my incredible producers.

Each of these people have worked with some of my heroes. Not only that, their beautiful spirits helped to create that sense of ease I was looking for. I genuinely can’t wait to share what magic was created at this time. I am so honored and privileged to be able to make music. Thank you for your continued support. You can still pre-order the record on at,


When Winter turns to Spring

When Winter turns to Spring, I am reminded that Winter has its own brewing wisdom and power. As dark and as short as the days are in Winter, they make room for even more joy and more light to be seen when the timing is right. Spending the long weekend in Sedona, among the massive, almost otherworldly Canyon formations, I felt the Winter of my own life begin to awaken into a sort of Spring. I carved out space to listen, to be still, and to give whatever seeds were planted in the dark over to the light. I am excited for Spring, and the abundance it brings. But I am also so tapped into the sacredness and the lessons that Winter brings. The music that I am working on right now, was born out of my Winter, which inevitably turned to Spring. I can't wait to share.

I will be recording an EP with Jon Seale and Russell Durham at Mason Jar Music in Brooklyn <3