When Winter turns to Spring

When Winter turns to Spring, I am reminded that Winter has its own brewing wisdom and power. As dark and as short as the days are in Winter, they make room for even more joy and more light to be seen when the timing is right. Spending the long weekend in Sedona, among the massive, almost otherworldly Canyon formations, I felt the Winter of my own life begin to awaken into a sort of Spring. I carved out space to listen, to be still, and to give whatever seeds were planted in the dark over to the light. I am excited for Spring, and the abundance it brings. But I am also so tapped into the sacredness and the lessons that Winter brings. The music that I am working on right now, was born out of my Winter, which inevitably turned to Spring. I can't wait to share.

I will be recording an EP with Jon Seale and Russell Durham at Mason Jar Music in Brooklyn <3