Alexa Wildish

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Joni Mitchell said of her work on Blue, “I was demanding of myself a deeper and greater honesty, more and more revelation in my work in order to give back to the people...and [make] them feel. And it isn’t vague, It strikes against the very nerves of their life, and in order to do that, you have to strike against the very nerves of your own.”

Up until now, I was afraid to undertake that level of responsibility and honesty in my life and in my art.  Vulnerability is terrifying, like reading journal entries out loud to strangers. But over time, the not working began to hurt more than the working. Although it can feel like the most exquisitely personal challenge, making my own music is also the only path through life that allows me to be my whole self.

I wrote these songs from a place of feeling everything I could, even the darkest times of my life. These songs are dear to my heart and immensely personal.   I struck "against the very nerves” of my own life, seeking the source within me, and they have emerged as the purest expression of that.

I am delighted to announce that Jon Seale and Russell Durham at Mason Jar Music, who I've aspired to work with for years, are co-producing this album. As a team, they bring beauty, elegance, and truth to the work they do, tapping into the heart of being human.


The process of creating an album (what your funds will go to) includes:

*Studio time at Mason Jar Music.

* Hiring top quality musicians for divine arrangements.

*Traveling back and forth from NY.

*Finishing the product through mixing and mastering.

*Commissioning album artwork.

*Distribution costs of CDs and online availability.

*Publicity so a broader audience can hear this music.

As is often true with endeavors of great value, there is also great expense. Iwould love for you - my friends and family, and anyone who just wants to offer support - to be a part of helping me bring this vision to life. Genuinely. I already feel profoundly grateful for the friends and family that have so far pushed me to fully commit to this project.

If you contribute anytime during  my 40 day campaign, there are several thrilling rewards on deck! Along with receiving a signed copy of the album I create, you can get personalized voice lessons, songwriting or authentic voice workshops, potential live house concerts and so much more!!! The amount I am able to raise for this project will directly affect how much I am able to give back. And if posting this link to your community is all you can give right now, I would deeply appreciate any and all shares!

I can’t thank you enough for your trust in my vision. I am honored and privileged to be making honest art and I hope that this work gives back to you a fraction of what it has given me. I hope it makes you feel. That’s all I want.

With so much love,

Alexa Wildish