Gooshead Palace in Nashville TN

We have finished the basic tracking for my upcoming EP!

What a dream this has been. The process of working with some of the finest musicians, engineers and production team I could have ever asked for has been such an epic journey.

There was such profound momentum leading up to the week I spent in Nashville, that when I arrived, I felt an effortless ease of surrender wash over me. I was amazed at the efficiency and genius that was occurring with these incredible humans I had called into this project.

Here is a breakdown of the production team and band that have already contributed to the project. In December, there will be a string quartet added, some pedal steel and some vocal harmonies by one of my greatest musical influences (I will announce that soon!).

Production Team:

Producers: Dan Knobler *studio owner* and Russell Durham

Engineers: Jacob Blumberg and Dan Knobler


Drums: Jason Burger

Acoustic Guitar: Jordan Tice

Electric Guitar: Kris Donegan

Bass: Sam Howard

Keys: Danny Mitchell

Octave Mandolin/ Violin and Viola: Russell Durham

And many other add ins by my incredible producers.

Each of these people have worked with some of my heroes. Not only that, their beautiful spirits helped to create that sense of ease I was looking for. I genuinely can’t wait to share what magic was created at this time. I am so honored and privileged to be able to make music. Thank you for your continued support. You can still pre-order the record on at,