Nothing else matters

I just watched a documentary on comedian and cancer survivor, Tig Notaro.I was very moved by her heart-felt ways of dealing with tragedy. She had a life-threatening disease that caused her to lose so much body mass that she looked like a skeleton, she found out her mother had passed, she went through a break-up and then discovered she had breast cancer. One thing after the other seemed to fall upon her.

And she laughed. She laughed and she cried and she inspired many people through these hardships. It's amazing how laughter heals us. How amidst all the pain and suffering, there is profound joy. It is undeniable.

After watching this documentary and some of her comedy specials, I realized how powerful it is to accept death. We are all going to die, yes, that is a fact. But it doesn't mean that we are gone. Our physical bodies pass, but our energy is still so present. When I contemplate this deep reality, and accept death, I am reminded to LOVE. I am reminded that there is nothing but love. I can see how any differences that I have between loved ones and myself are merely story, and all I want is to tell them how much I love them in every single moment I get the honor to be with them, to know them.

Deep presence is a gift. I want to accept this gift right now and tell whoever is reading this, that I love you and I am honored to know you.